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For Publishing Natural Intelligence by Benjamin Oduro Arhin Jnr aka Bnoskka


Some times ideas and concepts drops in our minds but in fragments which needs to be developed.

However most a times it is ignored and forgotten or perhaps the same idea drops in another person and he or she get to develop it for mass usage.

We all have some natural intuition that most people don’t pay attention to. Such intuitiveness are meant to aid our struggle for a better place, time and energy for effective productive life.

One of such concept which has been developed over the years is Natural Intelligence.

Natural Intelligence is interwoven in our environment, it takes precedence in all we do. It manifest it unlimited power in this universe and beyond. It enabled the Golden Age scientists to discovered laws governing the earth and its obit.

One would ask what is Natural Intelligence and who founded it. Beginning from the later; a researcher by name Benjamin Oduro Arhin Jnr also known as Bnoskka coined and founded the concept to mean the ability to gathered self information, study natural happenings and to device wisdom to your advantage and for society’s good.

The Natural Intelligence concept dwells on four conceptualization levels but for the purpose of this paper, a concise descriptive summary will be formulated to outline the focal points.

First of all, self awareness basic conceptualization (SABC) is the first level. This level involves gathering information about your self and nature.
Becoming aware of yourself is very important, knowing your efficiency, capacity and weaknesses in relation to your self. Each ascribes to be stronger and healthier but how well you know yourself will help demystify your thoughts on preconceived esteems and perceptions that opposes you against natural Intelligence.

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